Recycle Programme

How does the recycle programme work?

We’d like to reduce our carbon footprint so we can keep the earth pretty and cool. But we need your help to do that.

The containers we provide you are mostly reusable. As such, if you’re not using them, could you send them back so we can give them a second life?

All you have to do is accumulate one Atom & the Dot box full of containers and drop it off at our drop-off points. We’ll clean them before reusing, but we’d really appreciate it if you return the containers clean so pests don’t get attracted to them in transit.

In exchange for your awesomeness, we’ll send a little surprise your way!

What can I recycle?

Anything in the box that’s reusable and in good condition.

As an example, based on items we will likely provide you:

  1. Plastic containers – paint pots, plastic bottles and test tubes
  2. Ziplock bags – clear and silver foils
  3. Other items – funnels and measuring cups

If there are items you would personally like to keep (because you just like the look of it) or reuse yourself, please feel free to do so! The intention is to give these items a second life. Doesn’t matter who does it.

Where do I drop off the box of recyclables?

For your convenience, you can drop it off at any PostCo location near you. All you have to do is fill up the PostCo returns form and select your preferred location.

If you prefer to send it to us directly, just drop us a note ([email protected]).

Will I incur any postage charges?

No, of course not! It’ll be on us. All you have to do is drop off the box.

What do I get in return?

To say thank you to you (dear parents) that have been ever so supportive of us, we’ve prepared some DIY kits specially for you.

Think simple, non-toxic and sustainable recipes like homemade lip balm, shea butter deodorant and zero waste laundry detergent.