Survival Kit for 8 to 12 Year Olds

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Light things up and watch different elements fizz, bubble and pop! This bundle is great for 8 to 12 year olds.

The bundle includes 3 Try-me boxes with up to 13 engaging Art Science activities you can try at home! Materials and instructions included.

For more details on the activities, check out the Description section below.

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Topic: Conductors and insulators
Electricity is fast like lightning and conductors help them get to where they want to go! Only one thing can stop them, the insulators. Watch conductors and insulators at play in the Stop or Go box! Just a little spark of genius.

  • Will It Light Up
    • Make a robot tester and test out which items are conductors and which are insulators.
  • Monster Circuit
    • Learn about circuits by making squishy circuits using salt and sugar dough! You can even make your own monster and watch it light up. Time to get creative with this one!
  • Super Balloon
    • Bend water and make an aluminium can move without touching it. All you need are some balloons.
  • My Butterfly Garden
    • Create a butterfly garden and watch your butterflies flutter as you bring them to life with a balloon.
  • Static Detector
    • Make a simple static detector with a binder clip and pencil.

Topic: Introduction to elements of the periodic table
Did you know everything in the world is made up of just 118 types of tiny little atoms? Just mix and match a bunch of atoms and… voilà ! You have something totally new.

  • What Am I
    • Get to know some elements in a simple and fun game of trivia! This can be a 1, 2 or 3 player game. The perfect way to introduce your child to the periodic table.
  • What Is Iron Man Made Of?
    • Create a pointillism art piece to show what Iron Man is made of! When you’re done, we’ll explore the solar system.
  • Cool Experiments with Iodine
    • Make brown water clear again and test for starch in your food.
  • DIY Bath Bombs
    • It’s time to put your game face on. We’re heading to the rink for a little competition. Skate across your frictionless DIY ice hockey rink and see who gets the most points!

Topic: On different types of energy
Power Up introduces your child to the different types of energy and the Law of Conservation of Energy with some simple and fun activities.

  • Baking Soda Rocket
    • Can you make launch a rocket with just baking soda and vinegar? This small and mighty rocket can fly up to 2 storeys high! Might get messy – play outdoors 😉
  • DIY Helicopter
    • Make your own DIY Helicopter with an elastic string. Just wind it up and watch it go.
      You’ll also receive additional materials to test different shapes to see which shapes fly better.
  • Potato Power
    • Did you know you can make batteries with potatoes? Power a clock or light-up LED bulbs with your own homemade potato battery.
      Raid your fridge and see what other batteries you can create with ingredients from your kitchen.
  • My Super Power
    • What super powers does your superhero have? Kids sketch out their superhero and describe their superpowers in comic style. Then get them to figure out what energy their superhero uses to get their super powers.


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