How to Not Fall Down

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New & Improved! Our popular 3D Solar System Game now comes with easy-to-assemble planets.

Why do planets float around in space but everything on Earth seem to keep falling down? It’s time to find out more about the special force of gravity!

Play a solar system game with your own 3D planets, make your own balancing toys and test your architectural prowess with a marshmallow challenge!

Each box comes with:

  • A Playbook with trivia on gravity and balance
  • Material and instructions for up to 5 gravity and balance related activities


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Learn about the gravity, balance and the center of gravity!

You’ll receive a booklet introducing gravity and how to balance anything.

Make 3D planets and orbit around a giant solar system in The Solar System game. Find out which planet is a bit clumsy and which planet is just too hot to handle. A super fun and easy way to learn about our solar system.
New & Improved – comes with easy-to-assemble planets. Just tear, fold and glue. No cutting required.

2 : DIY Balancing Toys
Make a bear that walks on a tight rope and a dragonfly that floats! Make your own balancing toys. All you need is a few paper clips and some yarn.

Did you know that shorter people are more stable? Then why don’t super tall skyscrapers fall down?
Build your own marshmallow tower and discover the secret to stable structures.
Psst – the less marshmallows you use, the more you have to snack on after 😋  .. extra motivation for every efficient engineer 😉

Why does the moon look different every night? Make your own slider and predict how the moon will look tonight. You’ll also receive a little chart for you to chart the moon.

Did you know you can balance anything? Just find its center of gravity.
Learn how to find the center of gravity for any shape with this simple worksheet.

Suitable for ages 7 and up.

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