What is an Atom & the Dot box?

At Atom & the Dot, we believe that children are natural explorers, artists and scientists with creativity and curiosity that know no bounds.

With that in mind, we’d like to celebrate and nurture these innate qualities with carefully curated activities. The activities are designed to spark your child’s interest to explore the world and to imagine possibilities through play.

Each Atom & the Dot box is filled with materials, ingredients and inspiration for several Art Science themed activities. Choose from our range of products as listed below:

  • Subscription : Get a new activity box every month for the duration of your subscription. You’ll get a box of 3 to 4 Art Science activities in a new topic each time. You can choose to receive surprise activities every month or you can select your preferred activity boxes from our long list of topics!
  • Try-me Box : These boxes are filled with 3 to 4 hands-on Art Science activities in a variety of topics.
  • Mini Box : These are the perfect taster boxes. Each box contains 1 hands-on Art Science activity. You’ll also receive a Playbook with more activities and trivia on the topic.


If I subscribe, can I select the topics I'd like to receive?

Yes! You can now select the topics you’d like to receive on your subscription.

Just select ‘I’d like to select my topics‘ and add to Cart. Once you place your order, fill in a simple form to select your preferred activity boxes. Easy peasy!

How much time do I need to allocate for the activities?

Each box contains about 3 to 4 activities which you can either complete in a 1 to 2 hour stretch, or spread out throughout the month. Time required for each activity may vary from 15 minutes to an hour.

We’ve included an indicator on the estimated preparation time required for each activity. 

Are all required material and ingredients provided in the box?

For the main activities, we aim to provide all required material and ingredients so play time can start as soon as you open the box.

However, to help reduce waste, we do not include items that you will likely already have lying around the house. For example, we will not send you stationery (like scissors, colour pencils, eraser, ruler, markers – unless special markers are required), watercolour palette or measuring spoons.

There may be some activities which will require fresh/ common ingredients that you likely have in your kitchen. For example water, eggs, milk, salt/ sugar. We will not provide these as well (unless required in large quantities). So if it is required, we will give you a heads up.

We usually include additional “try at home” activities each month, in case your curious child is craving for more. The materials and ingredients for these activities are not provided. But we will be careful to design it such that we use items you can easily find around the house.

What age range are the activities in the box suitable for?

We’ve designed the activities for children ages 5 years and up. Older children should be able to work independently through most of the activities, while younger children may require more help from their parents/ the adults with reading the instructions and navigating the activities.

Is adult supervision required for the activities in the box?

Yes, an adult should be around to supervise the activities. But the activities are fun for both child and adult alike, so we don’t think you’ll mind. How involved you need to be will vary by activity.

For your convenience, we’ve included an indicator on the level of ‘Adult Involvement’ required for each activity.

  • Low : These are simple activities that your child should be able to complete independently. Younger children may still require some help reading the instructions.
  • Medium : Your child may need some help from you to complete the activity or it may require more supervision as the activity results in mini combustions/ ingredients that may be a choking hazard.
  • High : Adult involvement is required. Typically these involve experiments where parents are required to conduct the activity or preparation for the experiment. For instance where it involves hot water, flammable objects, electricity or the ingredients that should not be ingested/ inhaled.


What is a Messiness indicator?

We want to give you a heads up when things might get messy so you know whether you need to dress your kids up in old clothes or keep them away from your pretty, white sofa.

There are 3 levels of Messiness:

  • Low : Simple, fuss free activities that you can complete in your living room or play area.
  • Medium : Might involve some sticky fingers and sticky floors at the end of it, but nothing a messy mat, some newspaper or a wet wash cloth can’t handle.
  • High : You might want to lay out a big plastic sheet over the floor and dress them up in old clothes .. it’s going to get messy! Alternatively, it might be a good idea to just do this outside.


Can I purchase 1 or 2 activities to give out as party packs?

Yes you can! Atom & the Dot activities make unique and interesting party packs. We have a range of activities that make great busy bags for weddings and events too.

Just provide us the age range of the children, your budget and your theme (if any) and we’ll provide you some options. Click here for more details on our party packs.

Do you run workshops I can attend instead?

Due to the whole Covid situation, we’ve temporarily stopped running in-person workshops.

But we’ve recently introduced Virtual Workshops in collaboration with The Dork Side! Checkout our workshops here.