Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble!

It’s time for a little magic! Watch chemical reactions make colour disappear, turn glue into slime and blow up balloons – all in this month’s Mixing Magic.

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Play 1: Vanishing Colour

Mix a little colour here and a little liquid there… then poof! It disappears?

Watch the wonder as some bleach makes the colour vanish. If that doesn’t do the trick, we’ve a little magic powder you can sprinkle in.

Stuff you need from home:
Water and teaspoon.



Play 2: How to Blow a Balloon Without Blowing It

No balloon pump required.

Just mix a little baking soda and vinegar and watch the balloon fill up with little gas bubbles. 

Stuff you need from home:
Nothing. It’s all in the box.


Play 3: Slime Factory

Mix glue, water and a magic ingredient .. and you get yourself some gooey slime!

Then it’s time to personalise your slime. Add in your favourite ingredients for some pretty cool slime – crunchy slime and scary slime are our favourites.

Stuff you need from home:
Mixing bowl and water.