Sometimes it’s not enough to just work hard – we’ve to work smart!

This month we’re introducing a few simple machines that were invented to make life easier. Combine these machines and the possibilities are endless!

Make dragons dance, DIY a cable car with some pulleys and lift things with water – all in this month’s Work Smart.

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Play 1: The Dancing Dragon

Did you know a wheel is a simple machine?

In this activity, we’ll put together a few wheels and a handle to bring a dancing dragon to life! Just twist the handle and put on a show.

Stuff you need from home:

Pencil, ruler, scissors and cellophane tape.



Play 2: Cable Car Ride

Learn all about the pulley and how it makes things move up easily. 

Using a pulley, make your own cable car with some bobbins, twine and a binder ring. Then ferry your toys across!

Psst.. Scan the QR code on the card. We’ve a little riddle for you!

Stuff you need from home:
Scissors, ruler, hole puncher, 2 chairs or a door knob.


Play 3: Ellie the Lifter

We all know water is yummy, but did you know water is powerful too?

Help Ellie the elephant lift her friends up with water! All you need are some syringes.

Stuff you need from home:
Scissors, double-sided tape, water and hole puncher.