Lately, our Earth has been plagued with extreme weather. Snow appearing where it shouldn’t and storms wreaking havoc in the otherwise peaceful cities.

Even cute little penguins can’t seem to escape. Find out what happens when sea water and the air gets too hot –  all in this month’s Too Hot To Handle.

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Play 1: Melting Ice Caps

Did you know different colours absorb different amounts of heat? Make your own coloured ice caps and see which colour absorbs more heat.

You’ll find out why the artics are melting faster than before.

Stuff you need from home:

Scissors, cellophane tape, ruler, container, water, small spoon and fridge.



Play 2: DIY Thermometer

Heat causes water to expand. Make your own thermometer and watch the liquid move when it is hot or cold.

Find out how extreme heat is causing cities near the sea to flood.

Stuff you need from home:
Jug, tap water, hot water, ice, glass and marker


Play 3: Making Wind

Hot air moves up, cool air moves down. Tadaaa – you have wind! Wind is air in motion. Create wind to make your paper fan spin.

A cool breeze on a hot sunny day feels good. But what happens when the wind gets too strong?

Stuff you need from home:
Scissors, lighter, ruler and double sided-tape



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