Finding the perfect gift for kids can be a challenge these days, especially when there are so many choices out there! But we all want to give something extra special for that little one, something they’ll always remember. Here are 5 unique gifts for kids they’ll never forget!


Arts & Science Activity Boxes by Atom & the Dot


Turn their home into a science lab and art studio when you get them these activity boxes. Each box comes with 3-4 prepacked activities including an instruction booklet filled with trivia. Now they can learn and play all day with the wonders of arts and science!





Personalised Storybooks by Amazing Fables


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Always wanted to be the hero or heroine of your own storybook? Amazing Fables makes it possible. Watch their eyes light up when they see their name on the pages of the book as they go on an adventure. To make it more believable, you can even choose a beautifully-illustrated character that resembles them!



Chubby Fingers Crayons by ChubbyFingersPlay


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These could be the cutest crayons you’ll ever see. They have cars, robots, animals and even dinosaurs! Handmade from beeswax and non-toxic colouring, they are safe for young kids. Time to get those little hands doodling and scribbling to their wildest imagination!





Hydroponics Set by New Trio


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This can be a life-changing gift for kids. Not only does it teach responsibility and patience, it encourages kids to eat healthy because they will have a sense of pride and satisfaction in eating what they have created. Who knows, this could be a life-long hobby for them!


Personalised Soft Toys by Bea & Bow

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Most of us have a soft plushie friend when we were little. This time you can get your little one a special soft friend with their name on it! And there’s so many to choose from bunnies, elephants, unicorns and more. Finally, a best friend they can have imaginary adventures with all day.