Have you seen colours race and water walk? Have you seen plants drink when their thirsty? Harboured a secret dream to be a CSI or Criminal Minds forensic scientist?

Wait no more. Try them all that in The Great Race. It’s all about chromatography and capillary action.
Hurry! The race towards the finish line has just begun.



Play 1: Coffee Filter Art

Who knew science could be so pretty! Watch colours race in this paper chromatography experiment. Then turn your little science experiment into collage art!

Stuff you need from home:
Bowl, scissors, glue, water, pencil and newspaper or old magazines.



Play 2: Where’s The Treasure?

Ahoy, ye matey! Fancy yourself a little treasure hunt? Hunt for treasure on Isla De Coco – CSI style. With a little forensic science, you might find it before the pirates do. #blackmagic

Stuff you need from home:
Bowl, some water and a ball pen.



Play 3: The Lazy Gardener

Always wanted to plant something but can’t remember to water it every day? We have the answer for you! A super simple, self-watering plant system made with science. All you need is some soil, seeds, sun and the magic ingredient – string!

Laziness really is the father of all invention.

Stuff you need from home:
A small container, some water and scissors.



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