Electricity is fast like lightning and conductors help them get to where they want to go! Only one thing can stop them, the insulators.

Watch conductors and insulators at play in the Stop or Go surprise box! Just a little spark of genius.



Play 1: Will it Light Up?

Not sure which is a conductor or insulator? No worries! Make a robot tester to find out. Write down your findings on a Test Sheet.

Stuff you need from home:
Cellophane tape, pencil, glue, coin, eraser, toy, aluminium can, aluminium foil, salt and water.



Play 2: Monster Circuit

Learn about circuits by making squishy circuits using salt and sugar dough! You can even make your own monster and watch it light up. Time to get creative with this one!

Stuff you need from home:
Pot, tray, bowl, water, vegetable oil, paper and marker (optional).


Play 3: My Butterfly Garden

Can you make the butterfly garden come to life? All you need is a balloon, some hair and you can put your static powers to the test! Create a butterfly garden using materials you would never think of and watch your butterflies flutter as you bring them to life with a balloon.

Stuff you need from home:
Ruler, scissors, glue, marker and leaf.



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