Dinosaurs come to life, wizards fly on broomsticks and snowman singing in the summer?? There’s so much magic in film and cinema. Ever wonder how it all came to be?

Take a peek behind the scenes and learn how to recreate some of that magic.


Play 1: The Duck Tales

Learn all about animation with a simple sticker flipbook. Place the stickers on the pages, then just flip the book to animate the duck.

Stuff you need from home:
Pencil or pen.


Play 2: Dino’s Back

Have you experienced character’s popping out in your face in the 3D cinema? Find out how and learn to make your own 3D glasses.

Stuff you need from home:


Play 3: DIY Hologram

What do you think the future of cinema will be? Would the characters appear in front of us like a hologram? Make your own DIY hologram and watch the characters pop out from your phone.

Stuff you need from home:
Cellophane tape, scissors and a smartphone.