It’s nearly Christmas! The happiest time of the year. It’s time for twinkly lights, yummy cookies and presents! … I’m sure you’ve all been good this year 😉

Atom & the Dot It's Christmas!

This limited edition box has that and more! You’ll even get a Christmas bonus from Liza Mydin – her latest book, the Three Village Boys.



Play 1: Light Up Christmas

Make your own light up Christmas card with a paper circuit. Super safe and festive way for kids to learn about circuits.

Stuff you need from home:
Colour pencils or crayons, some glue or double-sided tape and cellophane tape.

Atom & the Dot It's Christmas! Light up christmas card with paper circuit


Play 2: Yummy Christmas

Time for some food art! Dress up gingerbread man this Christmas, while learning about turning solids into liquid. #bakingscience

Psst – comes with a freshly baked (no preservatives) gingerbread man. Food art doesn’t get easier than this.

Stuff you need from home:
Some butter, a bowl, water, a spoon and a microwave or stove.

Atom & the Dot It's Christmas! Food art, gingerbread man


Play 3: Who Stole Christmas?

The Christmas presents have gone missing! Help find the missing presents in a game of detective. A fun and engaging way to learn how to ask questions and eliminate suspects. Perfect for a night in with the family.

Stuff you need from home:
Just a pencil. The rest is in the box.

Atom & the Dot It's Christmas! Christmas detective game. Who stole Christmas