I get it! Messy play encourages creativity, improves motor skills… yada yada yada.

But I still can’t help but wince when crayons come near my polished counter top or things get strewn all over my casual chic living room.

If you feel the same way, this might help.


Tips to contain the mess!

#1 – Use a large tray or messy mat

Can messy play be less messy?

A large tray is a great way to help kids contain the mess. It’ll also be easy clean-up after.

Psst – Daiso shower curtains work too.


#2 – Cover them up

Can messy play be less messy?

Use a washable waterproof smock. Keeps their clothes stain-free.


#3 – Use the bath or play outdoors

Can messy play be less messy? | Atom & the Dot

When things get too messy, bring out the big guns. Throw them in the bathtub or let them play outside. Just hose them down and they’ll be good as new.