Hi everyone!
We know it’s not Halloween, but we’re feeling a little cheeky this month. Our August surprise is full of illusion, tricks and little monsters!

It’s time to find out more about the air around us and how air pressure makes funny things happen.



Play 1: Balloon in a Bottle

We’ve a little challenge for you. See who can blow a bigger balloon – you or your child?

Stuff you need from home:
Nothing. It’s all in the box.


Play 2: Fountain of Venti

Make your own air powered magic fountain with a balloon, a bottle, a straw and some modelling clay.

Stuff you need from home:
(Magic fountain) water of course! You’ll probably want to do this in a sink or basin.


Play 3: My Little Monsters

Breath some life into your little monsters. Make them appear out of nowhere with some colour and googley eyes. It’s time to get creative!

Stuff you need from home:
Some water, glue, a marker pen and a blade or cellophane tape.



BONUS! We couldn’t stop at 3, so we threw in a bag full of tricks. Try it out and let us know if you like it!