Hi everyone! We’re exploring light and shadows this month! Did you know we can only see when there is light? Sneak Peek: The Playful Light & Mysterious Shadow by Atom & the Dot


Play 1: DIY Suncatcher

Let the sun in with your very own suncatcher. On a hot, sunny day you might even see it cast colorful shadows on the floor. An easy way to observe how light only comes in through the transparent and translucent surfaces. Stuff you need from home: Just a pair of scissors and a pencil. DIY suncatcher by Atom & the Dot  

Play 2: It’s Showtime!

It’s time for some theatrics. Gather the family for a night in at your very own theatre. Show off your new found friend, the mysterious shadow! Stuff you need from home: A torchlight, a dark room and an empty wall. Shadow play theatre by Atom & the Dot  

Play 3: Watch It Glow

Unlike us, some insects and animals produce their own light. Grab your glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark paint and make your own bioluminescent creature. For the ultimate glow, we’ve thrown in a set of black light filters. Stuff you need from home: Smartphone with LED flash, cellophane tape and scissors. Glow-in-the-dark firefly by Atom & the Dot    
EXTRAS! We’ve thrown in two Try @ Home activities this round. Look in the box for your pair of Harry Potter glasses and Bat Signal light!

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